Petersen Brothers, Inc.

2008 East Valley Hwy E

Sumner, WA  98390



Hours of Operation:


M-F 6:30 am - 5:30 pm
Sat Closed
Sun Closed


After hours are available for emergencies.  Saturday hours are adjusted seasonally.

Equipment Sales and Rentals

For your heavy construction projects, we have cranes, backhoes, trucks and dump trucks available for rent which includes one of our our trained Operators.


Truck mounted articulated cranes with capacities to 10 ton.  We also deliver precast concrete, wood products & palletized products.


Flat beds 40', 48'

40-20 step decks


Dump Trucks:

4/4 axle & 5/5 axle solos w/pup trailers

Payloads to 32 tons

Vac Truck:
Gap Vax, Blower Hydro Excavation w/capacity to 10 CY
VMS Boards:
The changeable message signs utilize the latest all-LED technology, giving contractors the ability to furnish timely, pertinent and dynamic traffic information to the public.  Trailer-mounted units simplify transportation and placement.
Portable Traffic Signals:
This system combines fast, efficient set-up, with highly reliable performance.  The multitude of modular add-on components makes this the most versatile portable traffic signal system available today.
Barrier Lifter:
For the rapid handling of barriers and other concrete components.  Considerable timesaving compared to handling with slings.  Exchangeable gripping arms or 2 position arms provide various opening ranges.

*Please note, this item is for sale only.

Petersen Brothers, Inc. is an authorized Kinshofer Dealer.

Please email our Sales Dept. for information on sales and rentals.